Hi, I'm Eugene. I have been working in digital marketing for over 10 years. During all this time, I have gained invaluable experience working with international brands, SAAS Products, Mobile Apps, Ecommerce projects around the world. I also invest at least several thousand dollars in my knowledge every year. Here I am sharing some case studies. Fill free to ask me questions or discuss your projects.

159 SEO YouTube Channels that I use to learn

Knowledge is power. Learn from the list of top SEO YouTube Channels Affiliate Grand Slam Affiliate World Conferences Agency Automators Ahrefs AIPRM Arielle Phoenix Authority Hacker Below Average Blogger bizsugar BoostRoas Brand Master Academy Brian Dean brightonSEO Bruce Clay, Inc. Buying Online Businesses Candour Agency Carl Broadbent Catalyst Digital Charles Floate Clearscope Confluence Conference Constantin […]

Anchor text backlink spam

One of my sites was hit with anchor text backlink spam. I disavowed 500 links (manually checked them all). The traffic drops roughly correspond to when the links started appearing. Hopefully my disavow will do the 80:20 and traffic will recover. 👇🏼 Some SEOs swear by disavow files and some SEOs say they’re a waste […]